Lafayette 148 Fall 2021

Our specialty boutique hosts the latest and greatest from LAFAYETTE 148 known for sophisticated, clean-lined designs that fuse luxurious fabrics, outstanding craftsmanship, and a modern sensibility inspired by the dynamism of New York City.

Style, Meet Substance
In the eyes of LAFAYETTE 148, fashion is a balance. They know beautiful clothes are not truly beautiful unless they serve a purpose—to enhance the lives of the women who wear them. Every seam, every cutline, is made with her needs in mind. This is the art of design. This is art at work.

Art at Work
Art and architecture are the common threads in pieces by LAFAYETTE 148. While an architect uses concrete and steel to create spaces that inspire and energize, they utilize silk and wool to build silhouettes that confer confidence and comfort. They have an artist’s eye for color and a sculptor’s knack for distilling the essence of a design. But their style and sensibilities are always rooted in a larger vision. To bring a shift in perspective with a shift in proportion. To bring balance and harmony through symmetry and fluidity of movement. 

A Balance of Form and Function
LAFAYETTE 148 is rooted in form, but thrive in function. Like the women we dress, they are constantly evolving, working to innovate and create designs that better enhance her life. They stitch, piece together, sculpt and construct, only to start again from scratch. A passion for precision underpins each and every piece. No detail is too small to be considered, from the proportions to the placement of a button to ensuring the fabric drapes perfectly. They’ve even built their very own state-of-the-art production facility, so they can oversee every step of the process, from design to finished garment. And they always have our eyes on what’s next.