Original Lighted Makeup Mirror

Original Lighted Makeup Mirror

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The bright, soft and adjustable LED lights provide for perfect optimal brightness and color reproduction for perfecting your brow game. Light intensity can be adjusted to your own preference by a touch screen switch on the mirror surface. Press the touch sensor to turn on/off the lights, press for two seconds to adjust the brightness.

Included is a magnetic 5x magnifying mirror to be placed at the center of the mirror that helps you refine your makeup look and is compact enough to take anywhere. The 5x magnifying mirror makes it perfect for up close tweezing or makeup application.

Total Height is 30 cm
Height & Width on main mirror is 19 x 16 cm
Diameter on magnifying mirror is 9.5 cm

Why you will love it:
Superior quality
Adjustable lights
Made of ABS for long lasting quality
Charged by Type-C USB Charging Cable (included)