Precision Brow Kit

Precision Brow Kit

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This kit includes precise eyebrow tools to help you achieve perfect results every time you groom your brows. Get your brow game on top with this ultimate brow kit.


Why you will love it:
Original Slant Tweezer:
- Perfectly angled for easy and comfortable plucking
- The fine tip grasps even the shortest hair at the root without breakage
- Sharpened by hand by professional craftsmen for optimal precision

Eyebrow Scissors:
- Essential tool for trimming unruly eyebrows
- The perfect size for optimal control
- Manufactured with the highest quality Stainless Steel for grooming perfection

Spoolie Brush:
- Perfect tool for brushing the brows into place before grooming or filling in
- Created with firm, synthetic bristles in a tapered design
- Can also be used to separate eyelashes and remove mascara clumps
- The brush is ideal for softening any harsh markings after filling in the brow